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Once the package is installed, the downloaded file takes-up unnecessary disk space on your system.

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The following will delete all downloaded packages that are used during installation, but not required anymore, as they are already installed. Why not use Homebrew? Thanks for the useful stuff. It should be sudo port clean all installed and sudo port clean —all all. I agree with Keith. Homebrew is a much better and well maintained package manager when compared to port. Tilak: Yes, you are right, that is my mistake, i will be more careful in future before writing.

It was my first article, so thanks for comments. Good write up.

MacPorts Python installation on Mac - 10 easy steps

I was using both brew as well as macports, until recently I completely started using macports only. Tex, Github, etc through their DMG. S: You need to use them all before you actually choose the one that suits you. And I would prefer sticking to one package manager in the end.

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Brew does provides a lot of formulas, but these packages can be built from source too. I do agree that brew would seem to be a easy option for a beginner, but it might mess up your system if you do not know what you are doing. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. All rights reserved Terms of Service. Tilak Varisetty January 24, , am. Rajan Venkataguru January 31, , am. Sanjay Kumar August 7, , am. Jackson Isaac May 13, , am. Hi, Good write up. Common Tasks 3. Port Binaries 4. Portfile Development 4. Portfile Introduction 4. Creating a Portfile 4. Example Portfiles 4.

Port Variants 4. Patch Files 4.

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Local Portfile Repositories 4. Portfile Best Practices 4. MacPorts' buildbot 5. Portfile Reference 5. Global Keywords 5. Global Variables 5. Port Phases 5. Dependencies 5.

TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products

Variants 5. StartupItems 5.

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PortGroups 6. MacPorts Internals 6. File Hierarchy 6. Configuration Files 6. Port Images 6. APIs and Libs 6. The MacPorts Registry 6. Tests 7. MacPorts Project 7.

Port Categories

Using Trac for Tickets 7. Using Git and GitHub 7. Contributing to MacPorts 7. Port Update Policies 7. Updating Documentation 7.

Installing Packages

MacPorts Membership 7. The PortMgr Team 8. MacPorts Guide Glossary Glossary. Single Page Chunked. Install MacPorts. Source Install 2. Git Install 2.