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The third Round 2 match-up is between J. Only one of these great LPs can reach the Final 4. Take Our Poll J. Cole — K. Jermaine Cole has been displaying his self-exploration in plain sight for nearly 10 years now. It bears a title serving as a triple entendre Kids On Drugs , King Overdosed , Kill Our Demons is cloaked in the severe dangers of addiction, ego, and greed. Without self-awareness, administered advice falls on deaf ears, and for an artist that has already hung their hat on unapologetic authenticity so intently, Cole finds even more strength in his sentiments throughout K.

Cole knew this, and K. Without vanity, Cole has demanded that all parties listen closely and choose wisely. It was only when the assistant arrived the next morning — he typically woke Miller at a. Miller had long struggled with addiction. The last such incident before the night of his death, according to his assistant, had been on September 4th, just three days before his death.

Miller openly discussed his dependence on lean, a combination of codeine and promethazine. It peaked around the time he was making his mixtape, Macadelic. I had never been that close to somebody who had issues like that. By all accounts, he was in his best mental and physical condition in years when he died. Miller had been working with his sober coach since , and was working out at an L.

Nobody sees me down like that. That was the hardest day ever. The first time I cried in years. He immediately broke down. Thundercat and Miller had big plans for the rest of the year. On a late-July afternoon this year in Manhattan, Miller met with me for one of the first interviews he would give about Swimming.

He said he was in a good place. In the weeks leading up to this death, Miller did what he always did to block out the noise: He worked on music.

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He was already deep in rehearsals for his upcoming tour, which was set to feature his dream band, including Thundercat. It was him being percent with it. He was ready to go on tour with one of his really close friends. There was a lot in the air. He was looking forward to something new.

On August 5 th , Miller performed an intimate show at L. Waiting for him in the wings was Benjy Grinberg, one of his earliest champions. Long before he wanted to be a rapper, Miller, born Malcolm James McCormick to a photographer mother and an architect father, was a natural-born creative spirit.

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He began rapping at age 14, making a name for himself on the Pittsburgh freestyle scene first as EZ Mac, before rebranding as Mac Miller. Grinberg and Pitt recall frequently running into Miller at E. He had the vision for it. I knew he was going to be that guy. On top of that, his first reality show, Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family, became the highest rated original debut series on MTV2 and is coming back for a second season.

I think MTV trusts me now. I actually first told them I wanted to do a countdown show that plays music videos. Imagine what I would have played.

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On the last Friday afternoon, before his album officially hits iTunes and retailers, Mac is holed up in a suite at the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan. He shied away from the radio-friendly tracks and party jams that littered his debut.

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Did Mac lose his mind? Is he on drugs? But his goal is to expand his musical palette with this project. Forget everything you thought you knew about Mac Miller. How the hell did you find that movie? The turtle taught me so much [Laughs]. At first, I just kind of brushed it off. At the time I was searching for the perfect movie to play with the sound off with the album. The day before the listening session in New York I was still looking for the perfect one. Originally, I was just going to chop up a bunch of different movie parts. But me and my boy Jimmy finally decided to watch it and it just synced up perfectly.

Nope, it was scary how perfect it synced up. How crazy is it that the scenes from the movie switch when the songs switch?

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When Loaded Lux was dissing me, the waves were crashing. And then I started rapping after that the sunlight was coming up. When Jay Electronica was rapping there was chaos everywhere. It was crazy as hell.

Who Had The Best Rap Album Of J. Cole vs. Mac Miller

The movie is called Turtle: The Incredible Journey. I just clicked on a random part and started watching it, and it worked perfectly. It was kind of creepy. Jimmy almost cried like four times. During the listening, you also said that Tyler, the Creator told you that the album was too dark. Sonically, it's pretty much a complete from Blue Slide Park. No natural light.