Overclock mac mini g4 1.42

Actually, this might be interesting to use for underclocking. Take your Mac Mini 1. Makes it all the more of a silent computing solution.

They do this type of thing all the time at silentpcreview [silentpcreview. Just a thought. While you do have a point, and I happen to agree with your underlying point, you're never going to convince anyone like that. Because starting off by calling the people you're trying to convince "weenies" just attacks and aggravates them and puts them on the defensive.


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Once you've put someone on the defensive, any hope of having a rational, constructive argument is gone, as well as any hope of convincing them to see your viewpoint. The question is do you want to just insult people who are wrong about something, or do you actually want to help those people see that they are wrong and introduce positive change?

That's not easy. If the latter, you'll have to change your strategy. Calling people "weenies" and telling them they're "living in the wrong world" is no way to convince anyone of anything, except for people who already agree with you perhaps you just want the affirmation from that group? Anyway, a better strategy is to open by "giving" something to the listener that they would like to hear, a concession that doesn't make them feel stupid, e. If you want the same specs as a Mac mini for less, go look on eBay or a second-hand reseller try 2ndchancepc.

The point of the Mac mini isn't to have top-of-the-line components - it's to be a usable, cheap box for your Mum or Dad to just pick up and plug in.

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It's extremely quiet because the fan is on-demand. Mine only kicks in if I'm doing heavy computation or accessing the drives extensively. And when it does kick in, it slowly ramps up to speed. When the "heat event" is over, the fan slowly fades away. My SparcStation 5 worked similarly. Not true. When it comes on, it comes on loud and fast. There is no slow and quiet spin up and as a result, it is very noticeable and annoying. Solder mask is basically a paint that isolates the various 'pads', or landing areas for component pins, physically in space, so that the solder has much less tendency to bridge gaps and cause shorts.

Usually, it is green, but it can be made in any color. Myself, I've made boards with black, red or transparent solder mask. Green is the traditional color, and afaik, there is no performance difference electrically or physically between the colors. Just for completeness' sake, the lettering you sometimes see on a PCB is called silkscreen, and is usually white, but again can come in a variety of colors like yellow or black. Again, tradition says it should be white.

Um, not really. If you hook up two drives to the same Firewire port and try to copy between them, then it will indeed be slower. In fact, ATA is that fast so you can hook up two drives. All you lose is the burst speed of the drive cache, which doesn't help much if the OS is cach. I find it a bit scarry that you can change these things from within windows rather than the BIOS. This seems like its more likely that an average user. While I have to use windows at work, since the original iMac came out I've used Macs at home exclusively.

Now you notice, this was pre-OSX. What I didn't do was complain that there were no Mac stories on slashdot.

Because the OS was deemed unfeasible for the sufficiently technically inclined you, I'm guessing. Fast forward six years, and not. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead.

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Overclocking the Mac Mini

Check out Slashdot on Minds! Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Don't worry: Leo Bodnar just found out how to overclock your machine. Of course, you'll have to open it prior to anything else but you already know how to do this.

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This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. I can't imagine that little box is all that great at cooling. I know the cube wasn't. I wonder if there is going to be a surplus of dead mac minis hitting ebay soon. Well, if you're just moving up the speed from 1.

Mac Mini Overclock

I would bet the chips are the same core in both, but the default 1. Overclocking the 1. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Sure, those are the odds. But the chances go up there are going to be more failures now.

Overclocking a Mac Mini G4 from 1.25 Ghz to 1.5 Ghz

Especially if the 1. Some times, MHz makes all the difference. Especially if they are doing it to up thier distributed. Actually the Cube has proven to be pretty good at cooling judging by the number of processor, [macsales. You can get up to a 1. Not to mention you can put a full-size hard drive into it. The Cube will probably end up being a lot more upgradable than the Mini, but the Mini sure has a better price. The Cube was originally convection cooled no fan. Well I would assume that the 1.

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I have the 1. If you bump the 1. I wouldn't want to bump the 1. I just got a mini yesterday and it runs very cool. The internal fan comes on when the CPU temperature reaches 55C could even be 60C , which only happens during games or other really processor intensive applications. Even then, the aluminum case remains room temperature feels cool.

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The fan itself is very quiet. During light use Internet, word processing the Mini is absolutely silent and operates cool to the touch. The Powerbook on the other hand gets almost too hot to touch when the CPU hits 55C, and the internal fan is rather noisy in comparison.

So, that says nothing about how cool it runs, but how well it dissapates heat. The Powerbook radiates heat through it's case, while the Mac Mini is either keeping it internaly, or venting it in a more focused manner.