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Get help here. I have been searching but cannot find it.

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It was then updated to what it appears as now. This makes me believe that, though it states that it will work on an Intel Mac, that since the change doesn't coincide with a release of FreeCAD, it would still be possible to get it running on a PowerPC based Mac. Any thoughts?

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I'm afraid you might be in for an uphill battle. I've searched the forum and found one single topic where powerpc architecture was mentioned, but no talk of success. It's already a struggle to compile on an Intel-based Mac What might be problematic is compiling Open Cascade.

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In any case, I hope you succeed! The good thing is a couple of guys have made a lot of ground on the compiling on Mac front, this will probably make things easier. I am not experienced in programming, but I might be able to provide some Mac builds.

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ArchiCAD 22 The most comprehensive tool for architecture today, Graphisoft ArchiCAD empowers you with integrated 3D modeling and intelligent object technology, transforming CAD from an electronic drafting board into a fully integrated productivity tool. ArchiCAD's unique Virtual BuildingTM workflow unleashes your creativity while simultaneously boosting your productivity by letting you focus on design - ArchiCAD automatically handles the project documentation.

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A recognized leader in preview window technology, Artlantis is the rendering software used by architects, designers and urban design professionals in more than 80 countries. DoodleCAD is designed to be both powerful and intuitive.

With DoodleCAD you can make art for arts sake or a scale drawing of your back yard for planning that swimming pool you've always wanted. DoodleCAD has a full set of tools for making simple shapes like circles, squares and polygons as well as arbitrary paths and text. You can easily edit your shapes with just the selection tool because at DoodleBytes we believe the software should be smart enough to let you work the way you want too, not the other way around.

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You can have lines with arrow heads or dashed or nothing at all. You can fill a shape with your favorite picture or a pattern, gradient or just your favorite shade of blue. A familiar user interface and a minimal learning curve facilitates an easy transition from your current CAD application. You can load and send files via email to collaborate more effectively with everyone involved in product development, including people who are not regular CAD software users to interpret and understand 2D and 3D designs.

It is an effective design tool for architects, landscape architects, urban designers, engineers, animators and illustrators, industrial and interior designers, and all design fields that deal with the articulation of 3D spaces and forms. With form-Z RadioZity, the distribution of light in an environment can be simulated in a physically accurate manner.