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Watching Movies with the Sound Off reintroduces Mac Miller as a druggy philosopher on the mic and a left field talent behind the boards. Lengthy passages of stately, ephemeral soundscapes give Watching Movies the feel of a quixotic vision quest with Miller playing the role of the wizened sherpa.

The hazy sprawl of Watching Movies also gives Mac a chance to dart outside the boundaries of hip-hop a little. Both are lightweight love songs that make up for what they occasionally lack in lyrical profundity with an open armed earnestness. All three are instances of Miller imparting stories that dig deeper than the bedroom boasts and quests for weed that made up the bulk of his songwriting up to this point. Skip to content Search query All Results.

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Album Review: Mac Miller - Watching Movies With The Sound Off

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Mac Miller - Watching Movies With The Sound Off FULL Album Leak 2013 W/Download

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