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Affinity Designer (iOS - $20, currently on sale for $16, macOS - $50, currently on sale for $40)

These sophisticated tools have some of the most advanced color controls and creative effects for your drawings and typography. With this list, we have tried to show you some more comprehensive vector graphics environments.

Today, whenever a useful software commercializes, a group of developers comes together to develop a comparable open-source project. Inkscape is that feature-packed open source application. Inkscape is an excellent graphic designing tool that is hugely adaptable to a wide range of graphics formats.

It is also very powerful. As a result, the heavy vector projects can be designed and edited on this software like a breeze. The saying is a bit snobbish, but I think it delivers what Inkscape is designed to be—a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. When we tested the program, it stood on its water and performed excellently with a wide range of tasks. It has a one-time payment model, compared to the recurring payment model of its competitor Adobe Illustrator.

The program is designed from the ground up over the past five years and is built around the needs of creative professionals. The program is widely popular for its precise control over curves and vibrant colors and provides flawless geometry with everything you do on it. Most of the Illustrator can be found on AD, and often the tools are improved. BoxySVG is a free powerful web-app for vector graphics. This browser-based alternative can also run as an extension on Google Chrome and is well equipped to create scalable vector graphic files.

The program is packed with basic tools including layers, groups, paths, and stroke and fill. Adding to that, the program is super simple in its design, and has intuitive UI. When we tested it, we found that the software can be used without any prior tutorial. On the negative spectrum, the program is way too simple to provide a rich experience of creating vector graphics.

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As a result, the program limits your artistic approach with its minimal set of options. For anyone who wants a basic editor for vector image with a wide range of supported formats, BoxySVG could be a convenient alternative. Sketch could be a great alternative for people who like the uncluttered interface.

The program is famous for its amazing high-quality outputs. It is an answer for all the people who waited for a fair alternative in the network. It features a wide range of templates and a ton of free content. Adding to that, the program is supported by a warm community of users, who know all the nuts and bolts of designing. Most of the professionals use it for designing apps for Android and iOS. Once you buy the program, you are also entitled to all its future updates as well. Vecteezy is another free Adobe Illustrator alternative with a great set of designs.

And there are enough reasons why. The platform supports a wide range of formats, including SVG.

Six Free Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

What It Is: Full rasterizing controls, layer management, multiple file format support, infinite zooming and every vector drawing tool you could ever hope for… Affinity Designer could quite possible become a true Illustrator killer. GIMP, an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program is more of an alternative to Photoshop rather than Illustrator since it its vector functions are limited, but what it can do in terms of image manipulation is second to none.

Entirely free, open source, and loved by thousands which have formed a very active online community since its release. Have a look at the images on sosgame. It also comes with the very handy feature of being able to create Flash. Got any others we need to check out? Available on multiple platforms including macOS, Windows 10 and Linux. As a native app, Gravit Designer is is able to get around some of the limitations of the web app version, such as managing multiple pages in one document and accessing System Fonts.

The user interface has also had a makeover, making it much more detailed and mature in comparison to the original Gravit and with both Light and Dark mode, working at night is no longer hard on your eyes and with new Gravit Cloud integration you can now use your files across all platforms and online! Check out our standalone Gravit Designer 3.

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator

Vectr is in the same calibre as Gravit Designer, coming as a native app on Windows, macOS, Linux and as a web app and the functionality is equal to that of Gravit Designer. Its actually one of the best web based illustrator alternative. However, Vectr does have an ace up its sleeve, it's plan, to be the google docs of vector editing, allowing teams to share the same instance and edit things together! The Vectr web app is currently only running fully in the Chrome browser, however it has a plug in available that allows for offline functionality.

Each graphic in Vectr is given its own unique URL and these can then be embedded in existing designs that will then change according to any changes made to the source file. Vectr also supports multiple pages and works directly with the SVG format. It also let you do vector drawing and gives you the option to edit scalable vector files.

The user interface of Vectr has a very Adobe feel to it, making it a fairly smooth transition and they also offer a plug in that allows for direct editing of a vector in WordPress. You will also find that the creators of Vectr feel that documentation is of the highest importance and you will find video tutorials that explain most things, making it as easy for new comers to learn as it is for those coming from Adobe or one it's other competitors.

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After over 2 years of development, Inkscape has recently released version 0. But with the amount of innovation, the 2 years of development time is completely understandable. Inkscape have made it a priority to be standard compliant and in order to stay within the rules of the CSS standard, the resolution has been changed from 90 to 96 dpi and the software itself provides multiple options for converting older Inkscape files to work with the newer standard. Mainly the developers have been focusing on displaying as many as SVG2 and CSS3 properties as possible, however not all of these properties can be changed via the user interface.

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Also, complex grid trajectories do not require any kind of tricks, plug ins or special settings, they work perfectly as a standard function. As open source software, Inkscape is available free of charge across all the platforms its created for, including macOS, Windows and Linux. With many great features including non-destructive photo handling, intelligent scaling and a built in bit map tracer, all built in to one easy to use package, Xara is definitely worth checking out.

Visually the app follows a gamers approach, which gives it great ease of use however limits the features set.