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Google Docs. Apple's office software - also works on Windows. The online versions aren't as feature-rich as the full downloads and will probably appeal more to Mac users carrying out collaborative work and sharing documents, but anyone with Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer can access them.

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The longer you use any computer for, the slower it'll get, since operating systems leave a trail of hard drive-clogging mess behind. Dump the junk.

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This super-fast program cleans up unused files in around a second, getting rid of all the crap that's what the first "c" stands for — honest as it goes. Windows 7, 8, 8. Allows you to control all your Windows settings in one place, letting you customise your computer's interface as much or little as you want. Speed up your hard drive. Fragments are made when your computer splits up files because there's not enough space in the place they were originally saved.

It has a significant effect on performance, since when re-opening these files, your PC has to find two or more pieces instead of one. Defragmenters join the pieces together again, thus speeding up the computer. Windows has its own Disk Defragmenter, which can be found in the System Tools menu, but it takes ages, as it'll only go through your entire hard disk at one go.

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Defraggler can be used to do the job on a smaller scale: just choose the files and it'll process them in a few seconds. Compression tool for Macs. Speed up your Mac's productivity. Many more advanced features mean it can totally change the way you use your computer for the better and faster , and plug-ins extend its capability yet further. Read Mac.

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Improve your Mac's display for free. It's a display calibrator which can clean up the image you see on screen by tailoring your computer's output to the characteristics of the monitor you're using. The results should be better tonal colour gradients, clearer text, and better long-term eyesight for you.

It can be a nightmare when you're having trouble opening certain file types or trying to get them to work on the right device. Solutions for those fiddly little tasks can be a life saver, and fortunately more often than not it's possible to find free tools online to get the job done. Free file converter. So, if you've a CV document from Word, and you'd like to make it a PDF instead, you simply put in your email address, upload the file to convert, and choose '.

One thing though, since it stores your files online before conversion, it's not advisable to use it to convert sensitive documents. For non-paying users, you can upload a maximum of MB of data split between up to five different files. As the majority of photos are now digital, there are some great free photo editing programs emerging too. Probably all you'll need. It's the most straightforward program to use for basic image cropping and editing, and will optimise images for quick loading on the web too.

In short, if you only need the basics, Paint. Advanced image editing. If you're looking for a free Photoshop equivalent, oddly named Gimp is probably the closest you'll get. Now in version 2. Fun with vectors. It's made for building "scalable vector graphics" — the ones which remain perfectly sharp no matter how much you zoom in or out — making it ideal for serious design work.

There are plenty of video tutorials to set you on the right track. Once you've used it a few times, you'll be impressing everybody with your designs. Free for students. Students can get AutoDesk's computer-aided design software free for three years simply by registering. These are the most common computer-aided design packages used for everything from mechanical engineering design to urban planning.

Microsoft Word for Mac

You get full functionality for three years, provided you're not using the software for commercial purposes. Any student or teacher with an ac. It doesn't matter if you are part-time or about to graduate. Please note, some of this software will come with built-in features to prevent it being used commercially, such as a stamp on any printouts. There are a few free options out there for photo storage and basic editing online. Although you must be internet-connected to use them, operating via the web means you can store your work online and easily collaborate with others — plus there's no need to install anything.

Feature-rich photo manager. It makes navigating ill-organised photos scattered around your computer more straightforward. It also offers unlimited photo storage for free with a some limitations.

Google Photos. Photo organiser. It's very similar to Google Photos above, though without the editing features. Which you choose is likely to depend mostly on whether you've a Hotmail or Gmail account, and which of the tech behemoths you like most. Desktop publishing software is often pricey, but there are some free programs you can download that can provide a professional touch without having to shell out a fortune. Easy to use - but no longer supported. But you can still download the 'Starter Edition' for free. That's good news, because it's one of the most user-friendly desktop-publishing programs we've come across, with professional-looking results.

More complex and powerful. If that means nothing to you, but you want to make a professional magazine, then download this and read some of the detailed free tutorials. Also available for Linux. As well as a free sound recording program to banish Windows' Sound Recorder forever, there are ways to organise your MP3 collection, an alternative media player which'll play almost any format, and a clever converter which lets you play any video you like on your iPhone or iPod, if you've still got one of those A basic music-making studio.

You'll need a Mac running OS X Skip its advanced mode and you've a fairly foolproof tool which seldom wastes your CDs. Pro wave editing.

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac - Full version + Permanent Activator

It lets you record audio, add effects, and even create your own soundscapes from scratch. Organise pesky unknown MP3s. Sidestep iTunes for MP3s. The sheer number of features iTunes now offers means there are more streamlined music library options available, especially for Windows machines, on which iTunes is especially slow.

You can use iMovie to create trailers and short films from your own video clips, on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. It's filled with all sorts of fun things like filters, sound effects and voice-overs, and special effects such as green-screen backdrops and split screen. You'll need a Mac running macOS Plays everything.

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It seems no matter how esoteric a music or video format you throw at it is, it's got it covered. Plus, nowadays it's using more and more hardware acceleration to make proceedings more snappy too. Upgrade Quicktime on your Mac. Like it or not, if you watch video content online, you may come across Windows Media. For video on mobile devices.