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And she had a lot of stuff on there like quickbooks and so on. What should I do? Its on the hard drive. I can actually see it. The steps above are how I have changed the password on various accounts on numerous computers running OSX. Are you sure you are typing the username correctly including making sure of the case of various letters in the username A versus a? It should work without issue on any username on the computer as long as it is typed in properly.

Cool, this worked fine for me. After putting in all my info it prompts me to create a new account. The gear stops spinning and the whole wizard crashes and sends me back to the very beginning where you select a language. Please help :. Sounds like a more complex issue than we would be able to assist with unless we had access to the computer to troubleshoot ourselves.

I would investigate a corrupt partition or issues with the HDD. I have a used iBook with limited access. The software package is What am I doing wrong. You should be able to get into single user mode by holding down the apple key plus the s key at the same time as noted in the instructions. If you are unable to do this it sounds as if there may be another issue. I believe the system has the new Firmware Password protect that comes with 10X.

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Mac started doing this to make it harder to hack and change admin passwords without the start up disk. It disables the C, and S keys. Plus more if you want to. I guess I need to get a start up disk.

Reset Root or admin password on Mac OS X

Where do I find one? Not sure. The macbook I was using was running I am getting to part 3 then it says there is no such file or directory and now my computer will not reboot! Sorry to hear you are having issues with this. What is the specific error you receive when typing the command in step 3? Are you sure you are booted into single user mode? The instructions in the article are what resolved the issue for me.

I made my selections, clicked on Continue, and then nothing further happens. I would suggest taking your computer to a Apple certified professional for assistance.

How to Reset Mac OS X Password with a Installation CD | Password Recovery

My apple laptop has been lent to me by a Calderdale Council worker and there are loads of limitations. I want 2 change the password but i havnt got a cd thingy that i need to do it! Can u help me? Your email address will not be published.

Reset Forgotten Admin Password OSX 10 10 Yosemite Easy Factory Reset

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Post comment. Skip to content. Make sure to continue holding the key combination until you see something similar to the below screen which indicates you are in single user mode. AppleSetupDone accounts administrator installation Mac mac osx mount OSX partition password Reset root root partition single user mode system preferences terminal username utilities your account. Related posts. Hello steve, Even though the password text does not display have you tried typing in the entire password and then clicking enter?

Hello Felipe, We would not have written the article if we had not used this process. Hi Alex, After resetting the password for the older user account and logging on, will everything be the same as it was before or will everything be set back to default without all of the files and applications that I have placed onto there?

Use your Apple ID to reset your password

Regardless, this is very helpful information and I thank you for your time in posting it. Hello Dean, Not a silly question at all.

Thanks for the very useful article. I have a problem though. Windows Password Recovery Ultimate. All rights Reserved.

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