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You can use many types of maps. RouteBuddy is new and although a nice Mac interface the maps Theirs are large and are slow to load. The older Power PC Macs appear to be unsupported. I never would have purchased this unit without the ability to use it on my Mac PowerPC!

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Garmin Announces Mac Support. GPS Review - June 9th, Shauna M. Smith - July 11th, Any updates that anyone knows of?

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Dave - April 6th, Tim - April 6th, Use iTunes Bdodds, Sorry it took so long to get back to you, My problem is that when I try to unmount the Garmin C by dragging it to the trash it will not leave the desktop. I activated my audible account on my Nuvi using a friends PC.

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I only did a free trial with audible and that was last year but i'm sure it's doable. It is about time the mac support came along. Nothing is simpler than with a mac. Just watch the commercials on apple.

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Using Garmin Streetpilot C Can you explain more about your need for unmount software??? Mine works as any normal UBS hard drive Did someone mention apples? MotionBased Agent v2. Garmin Edge with Software Version 3.

Garmin WebUpdater 2.0.4 for the Mac now available

That meant using WebUpdater on Parallels now working; hurrah! Just checked the Garmin site, and it appears that there's now a WebUpdater for Mac Beta avalable version 2. I'll still be using Parallels for other Windows-based work, but it would be nice to have a fully functional, Mac based solution for Garmin and MotionBased products. Messages: 4. Windows crashes during Garmin map transfer!!

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After finally successfully transferring a map to my Garmin Quest 2month ago, I now seem to be worse off than before. This software is also compatible with Windows and Mac OS You can have an introduction to Basecamp on video.

Support: Updating Your TT 15, TT 10, T 5 or DC 50 with WebUpdater

MapSource software is all-in-one software. It allows you to transfer road and topographic maps to your Garmin GPS as well as unlocking maps. It also allows the creation and transfer of Waypoints, routes and tracks to your GPS. Only downside: its non-compatibility with Mac OS.

source url More possibilities to connect your GPS to the software from version 6. Voice studio has emerged recently. It allows you to create new voices and send them to the GPS.

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Wonderful to make a custom voice for your girlfriend who does not like preinstalled ones. Windows only. Garmin ANT Agent detects all Garmin devices in range and automatically retrieves training data from your computer and transfers it to Garmin Connect.

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  6. Homeport allows you to view BlueChart charts and plan your trip on the waters not free this one. Garmin Training Center allows you to create training sessions for Edge bike models and forerunner race watches.