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The HS50 is a simple design with no angular colored outlines or edgy graphics, which we liked. The volume and mute controls are on the left earcup, and we had trouble getting used to them. The volume scroll knob is too stiff, so when you adjust the volume you tend to move the entire headset.

Our testers prefered the big obvious knob on the GSP or the on-cable controls on the Cloud Alpha. The HS50 has a non-removable 3. The cable is rubber and tends to tangle. The open-back style makes the headset more breathable and more comfortable if you tend to run hot or live in a warm place, but comes at the cost of some sound bleeding into the microphone. The Game One is light and have a good range of adjustments to make it comfortable across head sizes.

We found this gave us a better idea of where sounds were coming from than virtual surround sound in multiplayer games like Overwatch. In Hellblade , a game that uses sound in wild and interesting ways, the Game One sounded incredible. The variety of voices in that game sounded like they were circling around the headphones, like sharks on the hunt. Mids and highs are excellent, with clarity in the vocal ranges and clear distinction with subtle sounds like footsteps. The bass is full, but without the tight seal around the ears, the Game One lacks the low-end rumble found on the GSP or Cloud Alpha.

The mic in the Game One is as clear as the GSP , but since the headset is open-back, more sound leaks out from the earcups and into the mic.

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You mute the mic by flicking the mic up, the same way as the GSP Despite the plastic, it still feels well-built, with no creaking on the headset when you bend it. The padding in the headband and earpads is more dense than that of the Cloud Alpha or GSP but is still comfortable with glasses. I preferred this myself, and I liked that I could hear when someone came into my office. The Game One comes with two removable 3. The Flight is as adjustable as the Cloud Alpha and the clamping force is comfortable across head sizes.

The Cloud Flight has a fun sound, with a good but not overwhelming emphasis on bass and clear treble.

HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Volume Fix 2019

We noticed a good mix of detail across lows, mids, and highs, and in competitive multiplayer titles like Overwatch , we could hear positioning clearly. Generally, it sounds similar to the Cloud Alpha with slightly improved treble. To save weight, the Cloud Flight is entirely plastic. At a glance, one might confuse it for a budget headset, but despite its appearance it has proven durable over a few years of testing.

The earcups rotate so you can comfortably leave them around your neck, a feature we wish more headsets would include. The Flight is a closed-back, over-ear headset. The sound isolation is weak, and we could often hear loud background sounds like a helicopter overhead or motorcycle zooming past outside when playing games. The audio controls on the Cloud Flight are acceptable, but not great. The volume knob is on the right side, but spins endlessly. When you reach maximum volume, you hear a beeping sound, but you can continue to spin the wheel.

Other wireless headsets have a light on the mic showing mute status, a feature we wish the Flight had. The Flight does not have a chat mix slider like many other wireless headsets, like the SteelSeries Arctis 7. Chat mix allows you to easily change the balance of game and voice chat volume.

This is useful on a wireless headset when you might be a few feet away from your computer. The Flight includes a 2. Since the 3. With the HyperX NGenuity software, you can see how much battery life the Flight has left, adjust the headphone volume, and adjust the mic volume. By default, the Flight has LEDs illuminating its logo on each earcup, and you need to tap the power button twice to turn it off. And you'll want to, because keeping the LEDs on is catastrophic for battery life.

I wandered 20 feet away in the same room and the sound never cut out, but when I went from downstairs to upstairs, it lost the connection. HyperX released a limited-edition purple and white version of our top pick, the Cloud Alpha , as well. They will also include a detachable microphone.

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The Orbit and Orbit S headphones will supposedly feature five preloaded sound profiles that were designed to improve the bass and treble while gaming. HyperX claims the battery will last up to 10 hours, but we will look into these features in depth once we start a new round of testing. We plan to take a look at both in our next update. The big selling point of the Pro X model is the Blue-powered software that enhances the mic performance.

Turtle Beach released the Recon Spark , a budget gaming headset that includes the flip-style mic we tend to prefer. This time around, after reading reviews, we did not look at headsets from Cooler Master, Koss, Asus, Alienware, Rosewill, and MSI due to issues of performance, build quality, and comfort. Previous versions of this guide eliminated headsets from Creative, Thermaltake, and Mad Catz. None of our panel testers found the HyperX Cloud Revolver comfortable, and they generally preferred the Alpha. Both sound similar and have a similar set of features, so if you find the HS50 uncomfortable, try the Cloud Stinger.

The bass performance on the Sennheiser Game Zero was disappointing in our tests, and we really missed the open, spacious, immersive quality found on the Game One. Our testers found the Logitech G Pro comfortable, but everyone thought it was a budget headset due to its lighter plastic materials. None of our testers liked the Logitech G , and most found the fabric shell tacky. The LucidSound LS31 sounds good, but the earcup controls feel cheap and the headset is uncomfortable to use.

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The Plantronics Rig has a clear sound, but the mic was hollow and tinny. The Razer Kraken V2 is too bass-heavy and the headset is oversized and bulky. Testers with larger heads found the Razer Electra V2 uncomfortable, and the Razer Thresher feels too cheap for the price. The Razer Nari Ultimate is a headset with haptic feedback, essentially a rumble pack for your skull. The headset shakes based on bass response, theoretically immersing you into a game.

In a rhythm game, like Thumper , where it should excel, it just gave me a nasty headache, especially when I was wearing glasses. It was generally fun to put them on the heads of co-workers to see them react with disgust, but after the novelty of making people frown wore off, it lost its appeal. The Nari lacks the haptics but sounds muddy and doesn't have enough detail to justify the high price.

The few reviews on Amazon for each suggest none of them are durable. The HP Omen Mindframe has a muddy, chaotic, sound that makes it difficult to distinguish between ranges, especially vocals. Geoffrey Morrison, Open-Back Vs. Closed-Back Headphones , Forbes, November 2, Our pick. Budget pick. Also great. HyperX Cloud Flight The best wireless headset Lightweight, comfortable, and with similar sound quality to our main pick, this headset has more detail and bass than any other wireless headset we tested.

Everything we recommend Our pick. The headset should be adjustable for a wide range of heads and comfortable for a variety of ear sizes. If a headset feels uncomfortable after less than an hour of use, return it and try a different model. Sound quality: Gaming headsets rarely sound as detailed as comparably priced headphones, but they should still be clear and accurate, with no frequency range overpowering another. The most common problem with gaming headsets is excessive bass. Too much bass might make explosions sound cool, but it tends to drown out other important sounds like dialogue.

Microphone: Most headset microphones have noise cancellation to cut out background sounds. None that we tested could cancel someone talking nearby or a loud air conditioning unit.

Gaming headset mics come in different styles: some detach, rotate, retract, or bend. These cover the entire ear and passively block out background sounds by creating a seal around the ear.


Review: HyperX's Cloud Mix headset successfully bridges home, mobile & gaming

These block out background noise while also preventing the audio in the headphones from leaking out into the world. With no way to vent heat, closed-back headsets tend to make ears warm. This improves the temperature around ears and provides a more natural, open sound. But these vents also let sound in and out, so open-back headphones work best if you play games in a more private setting.

Volume controls: Most gaming headsets have volume and microphone mute controls on the earcups or on the cable. We paid attention to how easily these were to use, especially the mic mute function. We also considered a few less-important factors: Connection type: Gaming headsets can connect to a computer with a USB cable, 3. If you plan on using the headset with other devices, like a game console or phone, a 3.

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